Workshops during Graz Kulturjahr 2020

Join our workshops in March! Together with pepole from Graz we will work on livable scenarios for potential futures as working beings in an age of automation!

when?    04.-05. March
where?   Reininghaus Gründe, Graz

Don't miss it and sign up HERE !

more details you find on the project website werschafftdiearbeit.at

during Graz Kulturjahr 2020

We are very happy and grateful that we can work on our idea for a participatory project revolving around our future understanding of "WORK" in times of automation and digitisation during the Graz Kulturjahr 2020 .

Within the project me and my design comrade Lisa Hofer work in collaboration with the Caritas Graz and the FH Campus 02 on formats to imagine alternative scenarios for our rapidly changing world of work. The Kick-Off event at started with a sneak peak into our workshops in March (sign up here)!

more details you find on the project website werschafftdiearbeit.at

part of the Kick-Off Crowd with our partners from Tag.Werk, FH Campus 02 and Graz Kulturjahr 2020

during Vienna Biennale for Change

We are very happy and grateful that Transitory Yarn was included in the MAK Design Labor Collection at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.
The Design Lab was curated by mischer'traxler studio and Marlies Wirth (MAK) and opened during this years Vienna Biennale.

Transitory Yarn is a material and process that celebrates circular textile production while highlighting the potential of knitting technology in a tangible way.

at Ingenium Canada in Ottawa
and IDS show in Vancouver

I was invited by Marije Vogelzang to contribute to the exhibition 'Future Edibles', hosted by the Dutch Institute of Food and Design. A short excerpt from the DIFD website:

"The exhibition takes the visitor far into the future and looks back onto present day. By taking the liberty of stepping into a world of completely speculative scenarios, the visitor is removed from their daily reality and is allowed to think freely, unconnected to the boundaries of our time."

Menu from the New Wild will be part of the exhibition at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum from 27th April - 2th September 2019, and at the IDS show in Vancouver from 26th to 29th of September.

at Schloss Hollenegg

Curator and design enthusiast Alice Stori Liechtenstein invited me to present my project Menu from the New Wild at the unbelievably beautiful Schloss Hollenegg.

"AD MENSAM will explore the table as a place where we come together, share food, behave, fight and reunite. The table as the setting for human interactions, a place where rituals play an important role in determining with whom we sit and how, instinctively and traditionally, the rules of sharing food get made."

Save the Date!
the exhibition is open to the public from
17th May - 27th May 2019

at Triennale di Milano

From March-September this year we will be part of the exhibition "Broken Nature - Design takes on human survival" at the Triennale di Milano. The exhibition curated by Paola Antonelli highlights the concept of restorative design and studies the state of the threads that connect humans to their natural environments. Very happy to be part of it with Transitory Yarn!

supported by

with 1070 Unseen

For this years Vienna Design Week I collaborated with Kay Kender, Lisa Hofer and Johanna Pichlbauer on a social design project were we joined employees of Caritas Heimhilfe (help at home) on their tours to clients within the 7th district. During the 10 festival days we shared glimpses we collected from those characters hidden behind the facades of the district Wien-Neubau.

We are so happy we received the MEHRWERT DESIGNPREIS for the project, thank you Caritas, Erste Bank and Vienna Designweek!


at Schloss Eckartsau I Nationalpark Donauauen

I was invited to design an exhibition about the turbulent transition from the Austrian-Hungarian empire to the First Republic of Austria in Schloss Eckartsau in the Danubian Nationalpark. The exhibition goes with the title "Karl & Zita - im Schatten der Geschichte".

If you want to experience this episode in Austrian History in a more interactive way come visit, it is open til fall!

a work in progress image from the courtyard of the castle

showing Transitory Yarn

We were allowed to share our progress on our project and installation 'Transitory Yarn' at this years Maker Faire in the METAStadt in Vienna. Read about the project here. We were even featured on FM4 yay!

We really had to speed up our knitting for the ambitious audience - it's just unravelling so quickly...


3-day Film- and Fotoworkshop

From raccoons that adopt swan babies, to depressive Asian ladybirds to gray squirrels that integrate into the labor market.

I am very happy I was invited to conceptualize a storytelling workshop for students, called 'How to ethically kill a turtle' (click to get to know more about the project). Within this 3-day workshop students were encouraged to explore the ambiguous topic of how to deal with alien invasive species through film and photo techniques in a creative way. So much be said:



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Jenny working on a squirrel

studio short film

I was invited to create a short film for the Exhibition "Ästhetik der Veränderung - 150 Jahre Angewandte" at MAK Vienna. The film offers a peak into the work we do in the Studio I've graduated from this year at the Angewandte. Our studio is called Industrial Design 2 but opens up a way broader term of what Design can mean.
The film is a meshup of the projects that emerged over the past years and a glimpse into the possible future the direction of the studio is heading at. It can also be interpreted as a kind of mission statement for the course.

also visit the new studio website!


Kunstfabrik Groß-Siegharts
with Transitory Yarn

We were invited by the Kunstfabrik Groß-Siegharts (somewhere in the Waldviertel) to present our project Transitory Yarn. The exhibition venue was part of an old textile and weaving factory. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but anyways very recommendable to visit. Many of the old machines are still intact and just awesome to watch while in action. We prepared an interactive performance, where visitors could try out our machines and dissolve and reknit garments.


during Dutch Design Week

I was invited to present my project "Menu from the New Wild" at the international Antenna conference during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The Conference is organized by Design Indaba and is a format where a selection of 20 design graduates world wide had the possibility to present their latest work on stage. Super exciting! Follow the latest tweets on twitter or check on their facebook page!

guests having a taste of himalayan balsam