Transitory Yarn

with Max Scheidl & Anna Neumerkel

How can we design for future production processes in an age of decreasing ressources? A new material standard in textile industry!

Unraveling Machine, Garment Pieces, Unraveling Button,
Scenario Illustrations, Commercial Video

Scientific Advisors and Experts:
Ebru Kurbak
Ille Gebeshuber (TU Vienna)

Transitory Yarn is a material for manufacturing garments using knitting technology. Emerging knitting technology bears a huge potential not only as efficient production method but for new systemic ideas within garment industry.

Global textile industry consumes a tremendous amount of resources causing an equal load of waste in disposal. Cheap production methods are not only harming the environment, but also endanger local small businesses globally, benefitting only few multinational corporations.

Transitory Yarn is a material designed to make it possible to TRANSFORM A GARMENT SEVERAL TIMES OVER ITS LIFECYCLE through a process of unraveling a reknitting over and over again.

To meet this new standard of production garments will be specifically produced for that process in the future. Every piece gets its own Transition Button, which marks the starting point of the yarn to begin the process on the one hand and stores individual data about the wearer and the lifecycle of the yarn on the other hand. Through the technical structure of the garment the new process becomes visible to the outside. So the garment is knitted preferably from only one single piece of yarn and the seams are crocheted and visible.

The process of production and unraveling happens within a new kind of local business model. The customers’ individual pattern is measured, they choose their desired kind of yarn and their first ‘Transitory Garment’ is knitted by an industrial knitting machine. When the garment is no longer needed the customer parts from their piece within an interactive ritual of unraveling using the ‘UNRAVELING MACHINE’. The yarn obtained is again transformed into a new piece.

The project celebrates a deliberate transience of objects, based on the selection of high quality production material. It aims to provide a counter-concept to the capitalist strategy of ​​planned obsolescence in current manufacturing processes. Honoring the resource with the poetry of transience as starting point for something new.