Making Oddkin


Illustrations, Website

Scientific Advisors and Experts
Clemens Bernhofer (architect and supporter)
Francesco Dati (Racoon Enthusiast)
Tanja Duscher (Wildlife Biologist)
Franz Essl (Department for Biodiversity University of Vienna)
Klaus Hackländer (Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management)
Frank-Uwe Michler (Wildlife Biologist)
Gerald Oitzinger (Danube National Park)
Rosemarie Parz-Gollner (Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management)
Robin Sandfort (Wildlife Biologist)
Frank Zachos (Museum of Natural History Vienna)
Sam Zeveloff (Zoologist and Racoon Expert)

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“Making Oddkin” draws a narrative of other kinds of kinship and companionship beyond our too well known anthropocentric relationships to the other species on earth. A house in the near future of 2025 becomes a place for unusual encounters in which we live almost in symbiotic mutualism with other creatures.

In the Home of 2025 we work with invasive raccoons on their eating habits to protect endangered species in our wilderness while connecting with pigs through play to learn about our not-so-exceptional human traits. In the domestic setting the borders between culture and nature start to blur - to become a space for rewiring the entanglements with the other critters on our planet in unexpected ways.

For the virtual exhibition May I introduce: Alien Alexandra invites visitors to develop an open eye for the other species inhabiting our cities and share their multispecies encounters - be it whether with a crow on the window sill or a house spider in the kitchen corner.



exhibition view at Suluv Gallery in Novi Sad / Serbia

the speculative trend magazine

snapshots from a multi-species family home

trash bandits enjoying treaties from human caregivers

the interactive website gives glimpses into a life with a raccoon in 2025